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An expectorant drug, C10H14O4, that is used to thin mucus and sputum.

[Alteration of guaiphenesin : guai(acol) + (me)phenesin, a muscle relaxant drug (me(thyl) + phen(yl) + (an)es(thetic) + -in).]
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n guaifenesina
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Some examples are; dextromethorphan and guaiphenesin combination in cough has antagonizing pharmacodynamics properties, where guaiphenesin acts as expectorants and dextromethorphan as antitussive.
Boots claims its Nirolex Day Cold Comfort Capsules can help relieve pains, coughs and fevers while still allowing people to get on with their day, while for chesty coughs and nasal congestion it advocates Nirolex Chesty With Decongestant, a non-drowsy m edicine containing Guaiphenesin and Pseudoephedrine.
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