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 (gwäng′dông′) also Kwang·tung (kwäng′to͝ong′, gwäng′do͝ong′)
A province of southeast China on the South China Sea bordering Hong Kong and Macau. Guangzhou is the capital.


(ˈɡwæŋˈdʊŋ) or


(Placename) a province of SE China, on the South China Sea: includes the Leizhou Peninsula, with densely populated river valleys; traditionally also including Macao and Hong Kong; the only true tropical climate in China. Capital: Canton. Pop: 79 540 000 (2003 est). Area: 197 100 sq km (76 100 sq miles)



also Kwangtung

a province in SE China. 66,890,000; 89,344 sq. mi. (231,401 sq. km). Cap.: Guangzhou.
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Noun1.Guangdong - a province in southern China
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The 19-year-old, who was in severe pain and complained of itching and discomfort in his ear, was immediately taken to the emergency room of a hospital in Guandong Province in southern China.
Banque Misr has earlier opened an office in Guangzhou, one of the most important cities in China and the capital of Guandong Province in southern China.
UK businesses can apply for a share of 3 million to work with Chinese partners on challenges faced by cities in Guandong province.
Our unassailable position is also reinforced by the very constitutions, treatise, maps and official records of the Chinese government, which clearly show that prior to 1937, the southernmost maritime boundary of China was Hainan island, a mere 19 miles from Guandong province.
Pandian of the Gujarat government had distributed copies of the map of Guandong province on September 17 in Ahmedabad when the state government signed three MoUs with the Chinese province in the presence of Modi and visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping.
Heavy monsoon rains with wide radius, estimated at 500 kilometres, became relentless starting Sunday as Typhoon Usagi reached China's Guandong province," the weather station said.
Washington, Oct 26 ( ANI ): A newlywed couple's love nest in Guandong province is so small, that by American standards, it is closer to an actual nest than a new home.
With implications both local and global, minimum wages and prices are on the rise in Guandong province, a region that's been at the center of China's manufacturing and economic rise.
Dining facilities range from Imperial Court featuring Chinese delicacies of seafood, abalone, sharkOs fin and bird nest, to Tang Yuan Chinese Restaurant which specializes in dishes from Guandong province.
Yue Yue was hit by a van driver who failed to stop in a crowded street in the southern Guandong province city of Foshan.
Local residents, business people and politicians are all unhappy about a Chinese firms' plan to rebuild much of it in faraway Bolou County in Guandong province.
It started a shopping site in 2007 and now boasts consumers from 1,300 cities across China, three times the number of cities where it has counters, with major orders coming from Beijing, Yangtze delta area, Sichuan province and Guandong province, said William Diao, e-commerce executive for Lancome and Biotherm at the L'Oreal Group, China.