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also Yang·chow  (yäng′jō′)
A city of east-central China east of Nanjing on the Yangtze River and the Grand Canal.
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Company CEO Mr Guo Guangling, on the occasion said that at PowerChina had hired 4000 Pakistani youth to the plant construction.
PowerChina CEO Guo Guangling on the occasion said that his company had hired 4,000 Pakistani youth for the construction of the plant, as training and human development is among the top priorities of the company.
21 (Yangzhou: Guangling guji keyinshe, 1983), 1.5; Yuan Mei [phrase omitted], Zi buyu [phrase omitted] (Shanghai: Shanghai guji chubanshe, 1998), 19.370.
The raw hematite ore used in this work was obtained from Guangling County, Shanxi province, China.
Our early studies showed that mRNAs of UCP1 (Yuan et al., 2012), leptin (Lep) and its receptor (LEPR) genes (Liu et al., 2013) expressed differentially and spatiotemporally in two breeds with distinct tail types: Guangling Large Tailed (GLT) and Small Tailed Han (STH) sheep.
Guangling Xu, 23, of Fairfax Street, Coventry, admitted assaulting a woman by beating.
(2) Guangling Agricultural Technology Extension and Service Center, Yangzhou 225009, China
Invaluable support for setting up its activities was provided by officials from Guangling Industrial Park.
A poem "Seeing Meng Hao-Ran off to Guangling at Yellow Crane Tower" is used as an example displayed in Figure 3.
There are six guqin pieces in this edition: Jiukuang or Chiu k'uang (Wine Madness, sometimes translated as The Drunkard), Huaxuyin or Hua hsu yin (Song of Huaxu), Yangchun or Yang ch'un (Sunny Spring), Liushui or Liu shui (Flowering Waters), Xiaohujia or Hsiao hu chia (Little Barbarian Horn; or, The Story of Cai Wenji [Tsai Wen Chi]), and Guanglingsan or Kuang Ling san (Niezheng [Nie Cheng] Assassinates the King of Han, or Guangling Prose).
The reader might also be grateful for a listing of a few of the more important CDs of the qin now available, such as The Eminent Pieces for Chinese Guqin (4-CD set, Taiwan: Wind Records, 1994), Guangling Qin Music, Wumen Qin Music etc.
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