Guantanamo Bay

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Noun1.Guantanamo Bay - an inlet of the Caribbean Sea; a United States naval station was established on the bay in 1903
bay, embayment - an indentation of a shoreline larger than a cove but smaller than a gulf
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special forces raid earlier this year and Al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders also increasingly targeted through drone strikes, some worry assassination or "accidental" killing of foes -- rather than messy trials or imprisonment in places like Guantanemo Bay -- has become an all too attractive option.
The secret jail - revealed exclusively by the Mirror on Monday - will house al-Qaeda prisoners and is being dubbed Obama's Guantanemo Bay.
Cash for the film came from govern-mentfunded regional agency Screen WM, who also funded The Road To Guantanemo Bay - a film about the Tipton Three being held at the infamous prison for two years.