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n.1.(Zool.) The scarlet ibis. See Ibis.
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Visitors at this time of year will notice rich displays of guara, yellow coneflower, primrose, prairie thistle, partridge pea, grass-leaved goldenrod, rosinweed, cream gentian, and prairie blazingstar all in full bloom.
Summary: Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], June 8 (ANI): Veteran journalist Gopinath, who had covered the first general elections in India and had interviewed Che Guara and Fidel Castro, died here on Saturday at the age of 88.
The families from Buzi were taken to a transit centre in Guara Guara, 55 kilometres from their place of origin, as a first step.
I was doing diverse projects, from the concept design and production drawings of the De Tomaso Guara sports car to designing a suspension and steering for a prototype Maserati.
Pero aparte cuenta con estupendos parajes naturales como el Parque Nacional de Ordesa y Monte Perdi do, los valles de Anso y Hecho, Aragon, Tena y Benasque, la Sierra de Guara, el arte del Serrablo, Sobrarbe y Ribagorza y el paisaje semidesertico de Los Monegros.
Other projects in the county initiated and completed include Guara Water Pan at Sh13 million, Gura Ugachiku Irrigation project (Sh80 million), Ndiriti Aguthi Irrigation project (Sh50.1 million), Kiirungi Irrigation project (Sh28 million) and Thia Kiruka Irrigation project (Sh75.4 million).
Through mentorship and empowerment, one of their members scooped three gold medals at the world deaf championship held in 2016.At his backyard, Guara village in Githima location, his passion for the community becomes clearer as he assists a group of 35 women aged 40 and above with business ideas and how they can access to funds.I witnessed them start many projects and fail and resolved that I had to do something to help them because the same people and other members of my community have been very supportive of me.
Internalization of the muscular male body ideal, which is endorsed by societal norms of an 'ideal' male body size and appearance (Thompson, Van den Berg, Roehrig, Guara & Heinsber, 2004), is a key cause for eating disorders and body dissatisfaction among males.
c go disp Th wind t Ove and so guara This year it has been the lack of rain and the that has caused the most challenges.
As shown in Table 3, the general default rate in the DF was 27.66%; thus, it can be observed in Table 4 that only seven regions (Lago Sul, Cruzeiro, Brasilia, Guara, Lago Norte, Taguatinga, and Nucleo Bandeirante) have lower default rates than the general average.
Na pesquisa empirica, realizada nos anos de 2010 a 2012, visitaram-se 23 escolas, em quinze regioes administrativas (RA) do Distrito Federal: Brasilia, Brazlandia, Ceilandia, Cruzeiro, Gama, Guara, Paranoa, Planaltina, Recanto das Emas, Riacho Fundo, Samambaia, Santa Maria, Sao Sebastiao, Sobradinho e Taguatinga, o que perfaz uma amostra representativa aleatoria de 48,38% do universo de 31 regioes administrativas do Distrito Federal.