Guard chamber

a guardroom.

See also: Guard

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Professor Lock said: "We have uncovered a guard chamber made from big blocks of stone and then the outer rampart ditch.
Fifty flower arrangers from Yorkshire, Cumbria, The Borders , Northumberland and Tyne and Wear, will create 30 displays of flowers throughout the State Rooms with the main displays in the upper Guard Chamber - here the Battle of the Somme is commemorated and has been by the Duchess' family for the last 100 years.
There is a vaulted gate passage incorporating a small guard chamber which was used as the village lock-up in the 18th Drunks would be confined overnight and people held there before being brought to the magistrate.
In the 18th century, George III's consort Queen Charlotte introduced the German custom of Christmas trees to the English Court and, true to tradition, a tree has again been set up in the Queen's Guard Chamber at the Castle.
BEAT THAT: Prince William; plays the drum as the Shakarimba band, flown in from Botswana to perform at the Prince's 21st, rehearse in the Queen's Guard Chamber at Windsor.
Our archaeological team, Gifford and Partners, were also able to excavate some of the remains, including the top of the staircase leading down from the Presence Chamber and adjoining Guard Chamber and Kitchen to the garden.
Even the Armada is included, suitably transformed into ornamentation in "the particular Christmas hangings of the guard chamber of this court, wherein the naval victory of eighty-eight is to the eternal glory of this nation exactly delineated."(34) nce again militarism and beautification converge, with the court's sponsorship of ecclesiastical reformation aimed as much at the body and ceremony of the church as it is at the refinement of its spirit.
the Great or Guard Chamber, where the Guard stood, the Presence Chamber, dominated by the throne and canopy, where the king dined in state, received important visitors, and met his Council; and finally the Privy Chamber, which was both the king's bedroom and his private day-room.
Commissioned by the first Duke of Northumberland from the Swiss artist Francis Gothzenburg, the magnificent panels hang just below the ceiling of each wall of the upper guard chamber and are at home with the valuable Van Dycks and Canalettos below them.
The 19th-century Chevy Chase Panels, at Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, were badly damaged when the roof of the Guard Chamber sprang a leak in 1999.