Guard detail

(Mil.) men from a company regiment etc., detailed for guard duty.

See also: Guard

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Even when Cameron pops out to the pub in his Oxfordshire constituency, to give Jeremy Clarkson counselling, a full guard detail surrounds the therapy session.
Tenders are invited for Rubber Dust Guard Detail Drg.
Again, at the risk of repetition, considering the sensitivity of the area, the unit needed a larger guard detail.
MP Nicos Koutsou is also having his two guard detail re-evaluated after his departure from EVROKO, police said.
All Air Force honor guard personnel, from the service's premier honor guard detail, located at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, D.
Those and other details of the deposed Iraqi leader's life in US military custody appear in the July issue of GQ magazine, based on interviews with five Pennsylvania National Guardsmen who went to Iraq in 2003 and were assigned to Saddam's guard detail for nearly ten months.
On May 13, 1719, a French fleet quietly appeared off Santa Rosa Island, and a shore party captured not only the 20 Spanish soldiers manning the stockade at Point Siguenza, but also a guard detail routinely sent over from San Carlos de Austria.
Young suggested that embassies and their Marine guard details lean more heavily on commercially available nonlethal weapons.
While Yemen's leadership is living high on the hog inside their electrocuted walls and armed guard details, the overwhelming majority of their fellow citizens are hardly able to make ends meet, as they cannot even fulfill the minimum nutritional requirements to keep the health of their families manageable to say the least.
ITV has gone to extraordinary lengths to guard details of the highlights show and were planning a glitzy launch on August 2 before the start of the Premiership season 16 days later.