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Noun1.Guarnieri - Italian violin maker and grandson of Andrea Guarneri (1687?-1745)Guarnieri - Italian violin maker and grandson of Andrea Guarneri (1687?-1745)
2.Guarnieri - founder of a family of Italian violin makers (1626?-1698)Guarnieri - founder of a family of Italian violin makers (1626?-1698)
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Guarnieri in addition to representatives from world humanitarian agencies and local Yemeni NGOs.
Philip Guarnieri, chief executive officer, said, 'The capital raised will be utilised for general corporate purposes, and to support the continued expansion of the company's operations around its retail banking locations in Brooklyn and Staten Island.'
Emilia Guarnieri, president of the Rimini Meeting for the Friendship Amongst Peoples Foundation, thanked the Bibliotheca Alexandrina for its keenness on boosting culture exchange between the two countries through cooperating with the Rimini exhibition, which is held annually in Italy.
Anne Guarnieri wrote to let me know about Terra Valley Farm (, her family's farm in Mineral Point, Wisconsin.
Chief Executive Officer Philip Guarnieri stated that, "We are pleased with the growth in the loan and deposit portfolios over the last year and the contribution to core earnings.
Percepcao sobre a formacao de redes de cooperacao no mercado imobiliario advindo das analises de Claudia Guarnieri de Matos e Thiago Andre Finimundi.
The mercenary Donato Guarnieri withstood torture under interrogation (a lesser order of torment) and was exiled from the Papal States.
In a statement, the Consulate said senior Italian officials, representative of government in Milan Francesco Garcia, Milan's tourism official Roberta Guarnieri, Milan Air Force Commander Silvano Frejerio, director of tax authority Giovanna Alessio, Milan's police chief Roberto Campisi and others were present in a reception held in Principe di Savoi Hotel.
Michael Guarnieri owns a significant financial interest in Animalgesic Labs.