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The largest city of Ecuador, in the western part of the country near the Gulf of Guayaquil, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean. It was founded c. 1535.


(Spanish ɡwajaˈkil)
(Placename) a port in W Ecuador: the largest city in the country and its chief port; university (1867). Pop: 2 387 000 (2005 est)


(ˌgwaɪ əˈkil)

1. a seaport in W Ecuador, on the Gulf of Guayaquil. 1,300,868.
2. Gulf of, an arm of the Pacific in SW Ecuador.
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Noun1.Guayaquil - the largest city of EcuadorGuayaquil - the largest city of Ecuador    
Ecuador, Republic of Ecuador - a republic in northwestern South America; became independent from Spain in 1822; the landscape is dominated by the Andes
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I was on the steamer Ecuadore from Panama to Guayaquil.
He left the steamer at Guayaquil and followed her to Quito.
More men were killed that day because of John Harned than were ever killed in all the history of the bull-ring of Quito, yes, and of Guayaquil and all Ecuador.
But I'd made friends with the skipper at Newcastle an' come along as his guest for as far as Guayaquil.
And right then they were dying forty a day in Guayaquil of Yellow Jack.
When we dropped anchor off Guayaquil half a dozen skippers from other steamers came on board to warn our skipper not to let any of his crew or officers go ashore except the ones he wanted to lose.
She was the big ferry boat that carried the railroad passengers across the river to Guayaquil.
At Guayaquil it is said that a heavy shower in the dry season is invariably followed by an earthquake.
We're excited about this visit despite the conflict that Ecuador is going through right now," said Juan Campuzano, a 45-year-old secondary school teacher in Guayaquil.
Holcim Ecuador reaffirmed its confidence in the country by inaugurating the second phase of the modernization project at its Guayaquil cement plant, representing an investment of about $400 million over the past five years.
Through Venezuela's late president Hugo Chavez, Correa has developed close links with Iran, requiring the latter to provide modern technology to Ecuador for natural gas exploration in the Gulf of Guayaquil.
Consulate General in Guayaquil in December made their final improvements to a local home that provides housing and rehabilitation to 22 abused and mistreated girls, ages 5 to 21.