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n.1.A sharper; a rogue.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Golbasto Momarem Evlame Gurdilo Shefin Mully Ully Gue, most mighty Emperor of Lilliput, delight and terror of the universe, whose dominions extend five thousand BLUSTRUGS (about twelve miles in circumference) to the extremities of the globe; monarch of all monarchs, taller than the sons of men; whose feet press down to the centre, and whose head strikes against the sun; at whose nod the princes of the earth shake their knees; pleasant as the spring, comfortable as the summer, fruitful as autumn, dreadful as winter: his most sublime majesty proposes to the man-mountain, lately arrived at our celestial dominions, the following articles, which, by a solemn oath, he shall be obliged to perform:--
L'entraineur de Ta Lou et de Gue Cisse, Anthony Koffi, satisfait de ses poulains, estime que "pour l'heure, le plus important, c'est de ramener la medaille".
Ensemble Media Limited, based on the Isle of Man, has announced the completion of its acquisition of the inflight games business of Miami-based GUE Tech, a leading provider of games for inflight entertainment (IFE), the company said.
GUE Tech LLC specialises in the conversion of interactive entertainment titles from the PC and console consumer markets, core software development and engineering support services.
The tribunal has already heard from Mr Gue, who claimed soldiers had decorated barracks with Nazi flags and pictures of Adolf Hitler.
The bo goals a in a w B ave per leag high to the and eke Hertha bookies' prices scream and Chelsea have scored all six of their away ties h i l e FRANKFURT ' s u n de s l i ga matches erage exactly three goals r game, although it's a gue with a freakishly goal return.
Notwithstanding the shared belief that the performing mask is a spirit manifest and the custom of not publicly naming mask performers, Vado became known, first locally, then regionally, and finally nationally, as an individual endowed with gifts that made his particular manifestations of Gue Pelou noteworthy.
During this visit Dr Gue will observe the registration of engineers and their continuing professional development (CPD) system of PEC.
14) planteo gue "la contabilidad es el arte de medir y comunicar la informacion financiera".