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Guelph 1

A city of southern Ontario, Canada, west of Toronto. It is the site of the University of Guelph (established in 1964).

Guelph 2

also Guelf  (gwĕlf)
A member of a strong faction in medieval Italy that supported the power of the pope and the city-states in a struggle against the German emperors and the Ghibellines.

[Italian Guelfo, from Middle High German Welf, name of the founder of a German princely family.]


(ɡwɛlf) or


1. (Historical Terms) a member of the political faction in medieval Italy that supported the power of the pope against the German emperors. Compare Ghibelline
2. (Historical Terms) a member of a secret society in 19th-century Italy opposed to foreign rule
ˈGuelphic, ˈGuelfic adj
ˈGuelphism, ˈGuelfism n


(Placename) a city in Canada, in SE Ontario. Pop: 106 920 (2001)


or Guelf


a member of the political party in medieval Italy that supported the sovereignty of the pope against the German emperors: opposed to the Ghibellines.
[1570–80; < Italian Guelfo]



a city in SE Ontario, in S Canada. 78,235.
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She looked, indeed, like one of those wonderful boys of the Italian Renaissance, whom you may still see at the National Gallery, whose beauty is no denial, but rather the stamp of their slender, supple strength, young painters and sculptors who held the palette for Leonardo, or wielded the chisel for Michelangelo, and anon threw both aside to take up sword for Guelf or Ghibelline in the narrow streets of Florence.
She handled her subjects agreeably, and they were, perhaps, more worthy of attention than the high discourse upon Guelfs and Ghibellines which was proceeding tempestuously at the other end of the room.
She raised her voice as she spoke; it was heard all over the drawing-room, and silenced the Guelfs and the Ghibellines.
Santagata gives a thorough rendering of the strife between the Guelf and Ghibelline factions in Dante's Italy, the former the party of the pope, the latter that of the Holy Roman Emperor, the conflict having begun, in Italy, during the reign of Frederick I (1152-1190) of the House of Hohenstaufen.
As yet America is the one country in the entire world where titles do not count; where men, having risen to the topmost height, thereafter return to their former level; where there are no traditions of Hohenzollern, Hapsburg or Guelf, but the way is open, fair and free for all; where only a republican form of government is possible.
Guelf 46 Helmst (Herzog-August Bibliothek, Wolfenbuttel), de principios del XI y obra del circulo formado en torno a Bernward de Hildesheim, con el interesante paralelo de su decoracion vegetal repujada (125); y la cubierta del evangeliario de la abadesa Theophanu (Domschatz, Essen), de la primera mitad del XI (126).
Handschrift Wolfenbuttel, Herzog-August-Bibliothek: 92 Extravagantes, cod Guelf, 1580.
As Pintoin explains, the Duke of Milan intrigued with the Genoans, pretending to support the King of France's claim while all the time stirring up Guelf and Ghibelline animosities to create an obstacle to the French's attempts to establish authority over the city.
Given Sayers's interpretation, the reader wonders what becomes of the conflicts between Guelf and Ghibelline, Philip and Boniface, and papacy and empire, to take specific examples.
That is, the tale may be read as the account of a Guelf woman's triumph over two insistent Ghibelline suitors.
O ensaio de digestibilidade das dietas foi realizado no Laboratorio de Nutricao de Organismos Aquaticos, utilizando 24 aquarios de 120 L e seis coletores de fezes cilindrico-conicos do tipo Guelf Modificado de 120 L.
It was the classic smaller emperor-allied Ghibelline city versus a larger papal-allied Guelf city--a situation that encouraged violence throughout Italy in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries as the unity of the Holy Roman Empire was beginning to crack.