guerilla war

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guer(r)illa war

, guer(r)illa warfare
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I thought it my duty to hint at the discomfort my aunt would sustain, from living in a continual state of guerilla warfare with Mrs.
Alavi-Tabar added that the security forces seized 10 days ago a quantity of munitions that was large enough to wage not only a guerilla warfare but a an all-out war.
embraces these challenges and succeeds in providing a new thematic study of guerilla warfare in Union-occupied Missouri that productively links elements of social and military history.
This detailed yet accessible historical study documents BritainAEs resistance to Nazi occupation, with special focus on the creation of secret organizations known as The Auxiliary Units, as well as the conflict between BritainAEs Secret Intelligence Service and the War Office and their debates over arming citizens and guerilla warfare.
Bahrain: PROTESTERS in Bahrain were encouraged by the Iranian media in 2011 to carry out suicide attacks and resort to guerilla warfare, according to the book.
Guerilla Warfare is the team deathmatch equivalent of Killzone, while Warzone cycles dishes out objectives for opposing teams to follow and outmatch each other.
He refused to believe the war had finished after being told by his commanding officer to carry on guerilla warfare, never to surrender and not to commit suicide, or Hari Kiri.
I was ordered to conduct guerilla warfare and not to die.
While other historians have focused on guerilla warfare and skirmishes in the state, this study examines the state's conventional battles, offering a traditional military history focusing on the organization, movement, and deployment of troops, and on the victories and defeats experienced by armies in the field.
Though many of his entries are brief, others give a detailed, up-close and personal view of how the Union's war policy toward occupied populations evolved, especially when guerilla warfare made targets of soldiers at the rear.
In guerilla warfare worldwide, the enemy attacks and runs away and that is what they are doing even here.
On Guerilla Warfare by Mao Zedong (Tse-Tung), 2nd edition, 2000.