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 (gwâr′nĭ-kə, gĕr-nē′kä)
A town in the Basque region of north-central Spain northeast of Bilbao. Its April 1937 bombing by German planes during the Spanish Civil War inspired one of Picasso's most famous paintings.


(ɡɜːˈniːkə; ˈɡɜːnɪkə; Spanish ɡɛrˈnika)
(Placename) a town in N Spain: formerly the seat of a Basque parliament; destroyed in 1937 by German bombers during the Spanish Civil War, an event depicted in one of Picasso's most famous paintings. Pop: 15 454 (2003 est). Basque name: Gernika


(ˈgwɛər nɪ kə, ˈgɛər-)

Basque town in N Spain: bombed and destroyed 1937 by German planes helping the insurgents in the Spanish Civil War.
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It starts with the bombing of Guernica," the Basque town which was levelled by Hitler and Mussolini's bombers during the Spanish Civil War in 1937.
The painting was done in 1937, the same year Picasso completed his monumental work, Guernica.
A little over 80 years ago, on April 26, 1937, German and Italian warplanes bombed the Basque town of Guernica, razing much of it.
Uno de los analisis mas inteligentes del mundo picassiano es el libro: Guernica.
Pity and Terror: Picasso's Path to Guernica," which runs until September 4, 2017, depicts the artistic journey that lead the painter to create this anti-war masterpiece.
El 26 de abril de 1937 sera recordado siempre como el dia nefasto en que la aviacion alemana, que habia llegado a Espana para participar en la Guerra Civil al lado del general Francisco Franco y sus tropas falangistas, arraso con sus bombas la ciudad de Guernica, santuario del pais vasco.
The Russians are doing to Aleppo precisely what the Nazis did to Guernica during the Spanish civil war.
1981: Picasso's anti-war mural Guernica returned to Spain after 40 years custodianship in the US.
En 2015, Mohamed Abdelaziz s'est vu decerner le prix Guernica pour [beaucoup moins que] la paix et la reconciliation [beaucoup plus grand que] lors du 78e anniversaire du bombardement de la ville de Guernica, en Espagne.
been published in The Los Angeles Review of Books, Guernica, and
She is weeping in sympathy with the women of Guernica, the Basque town which was flattened in the Spanish Civil War by German and Italian bombers in support of General Franco and his Spanish nationalists.