n.1.A loose, earthy deposit from water, found in the cavities or clefts of rocks, mostly white, but sometimes red or yellow, from a mixture of clay or ocher.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Dentre os estudos que utilizaram o instrumento MUIPC como base, destaca-se a pesquisa de Degirmenci, Guhr, e Breitner (2013), em que os autores averiguaram a influencia de quatro dimensoes no que diz respeito ao acesso as informacoes pessoais no MUIPC, que sao elas: (i) Identidade Pessoal, (ii) Localizacao, (iii) Conteudo do Dispositivo e (iv) Configuracoes de Sistema e Rede.
In the art and manner of his conducting, many found a resemblance to that of Kapellmeister Guhr. The opera was conducted by Kapellmeister Schmidt because Kittl was afraid that he himself would become too agitated.
(65.) See Ebrahim Afsah & Alexandra Hilal Guhr, Afghanistan: Building a State to Keep the Peace, 9 Max PLANCK Y.B.
In his concurring opinion in Guhr, Chief Judge Howard dismissed Ornelas' significance by contending that "the United States Supreme Court has not adopted as rigid an application of de novo review as the Missouri Supreme Court." (131) He did not cite any cases for this proposition and did not explain how he had drawn the conclusion.
As the Western District noted in Guhr, it is quite probable that the pronouncement of the divergent standard was unintentional.
In addition, Troy Guhr was appointed production manager.
Near the center of the show I came across Andreas Guhr's Mineralien Zentrum (Steintwiete 11, 20459 Hamburg, Germany), where there was a whole shelf of crystals of bi-colored beryl.
The model constructed by Thurnwald in his two texts on the Banaro led not only Gunter Guhr [26] but also Paula Rosman and Abraham Rubel [27] to believe that marriage linked two 'clans' (two puk) and thus created a stable pair, in other words, two intermarrying classes.
Guhr et al., "Magnetic multilayers on nanospheres," Nature Materials, vol.
Specimens have been available from Andreas Guhr (Mineralien Zentrum, Jungfemstieg 8, D-20354 Hamburg, Germany) among others.