n.1.A loose, earthy deposit from water, found in the cavities or clefts of rocks, mostly white, but sometimes red or yellow, from a mixture of clay or ocher.
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See Ebrahim Afsah & Alexandra Hilal Guhr, Afghanistan: Building a State to Keep the Peace, 9 Max PLANCK Y.
In his concurring opinion in Guhr, Chief Judge Howard dismissed Ornelas' significance by contending that "the United States Supreme Court has not adopted as rigid an application of de novo review as the Missouri Supreme Court.
In addition, Troy Guhr was appointed production manager.
It's really going to help (multiple service operators) and cable companies to bring their customer service and entire support to a new level,'' said Bertelsmann project manager Stephen Guhr.
The model constructed by Thurnwald in his two texts on the Banaro led not only Gunter Guhr [26] but also Paula Rosman and Abraham Rubel [27] to believe that marriage linked two 'clans' (two puk) and thus created a stable pair, in other words, two intermarrying classes.
Dale Guhr, CEO of Venice Maid, said, "We are delighted to have this opportunity to participate in the growing organic foods industry through our partnership with Spectrum.
Specimens have been available from Andreas Guhr (Mineralien Zentrum, Jungfemstieg 8, D-20354 Hamburg, Germany) among others.
These announcements confirm Bull's unwavering commitment to provide customers with business-critical solutions based on the industry's most advanced and powerful UNIX systems," said Marilyn Guhr, director of marketing & sales support for Bull's North America Server Division.
Bi-Tech Software is a proven leader in providing fund accounting solutions to the education, government and not-for-profit markets, backed by industry-leading implementation and training services," said Marilyn Guhr, director of marketing and sales support for Bull's Open Systems business in the U.
Bull's introduction of Sagister in June 1996 created a brand new industry category for pre-configured and fully tested hardware/software solutions that deliver secure, robust production-level computing for UNIX environments," said Marilyn Guhr, director of open enterprise systems marketing and business development for Bull in Phoenix, Ariz.