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n.1.Same as Guaiac.
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If serial dosing is used in infants <6 months for 48-72 h, monitoring of urine output, BUN/creatinine and stool guiac should be considered.
The family was also given numerous collection kits for stool guiac testing with instructions for use, but these were never returned.
TT's neurological status deteriorates to coma after midnight, her skin is jaundiced, ascites is noted, and she is incontinent of guiac positive stool.
1c] 44 0 Diabetes foot Examination 3 (1) 0 screen Hypertension Vital sign monitoring 44 0 Colon guiac Guaiac test 0 0 Colon cancer Colonoscopy (age 50+) 0 2.
With long-term NSAID use, monitor complete blood count, renal functions, liver functions, and stool guiac every 6 months.
Stool for guiac (hidden blood, a basic screen for colon cancer).
Four days after surgery, the patient developed eructations and bloating and a stool specimen was guiac positive.
Ziegler reported a significant increase in the proportion of guiac positive stools for the group receiving cow milk as compared to the formula fed group.
The majority of the research documented were retrospective studies that investigated the efficacy of the guiac test for adults.
An additional focus was to explore possible factors that may influence the incidence of guiac positive stools.
All were trained in specimen collection and guiac analysis using the Propper Seracult test.
An assessment for gingival oozing, hematuria, hemoptosis, hematemisis, positive guiacs, abdominial or flank pain, and joint swelling should be carried out.