Guide rail

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(Railroads) an additional rail, between the others, gripped by horizontal driving wheels on the locomotive, as a means of propulsion on steep gradients.
- Knight.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They are also engineered with less than 1-inch ground clearance and built-in guide rail bars for daughter carts.
To operate, users input a desired guide rail width and the technology automatically makes all positioner adjustments--to tolerances of a few millimeters from each other--down the entire length of the line.
Highway 66 near Kenogami Lake will receive $4.8-million worth of curve widening, guide rail replacements, as well as culvert rehabilitations and replacements.
The guide rail on these devices is mounted to the treads on the stairs.
In the end, the man drove the bus into a metre-high concrete guide rail, causing it to overturn, police said.
Others have a guide rail screwed to the door (Photo 1).
When I learn that all climbers are attached to a guide rail by a running latch (similar to the kind yachtsmen use to prevent falling overboard) and that approximately 700 people a day scale this huge tourist attraction, my fear subsides.
Pumpex also supplies the sludge pumps with a guide rail adapter bracket to quickly adapt to existing guide rail installations for emergency repairs.
The A4 system's insert holder features a top guide rail that is locked by the clamp, a 120-degree bottom prism seating surface, and a long clamping area.
The Boeing 767 fleet of Air New Zealand was checked on Sunday (20 May) after a 5kg aluminium guide rail fell off an aircraft wing and into the steel roof of a store in Manukau City near Auckland, New Zealand.