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1. A post with a sign giving directions for travelers, usually placed at a crossroad.
2. Something that serves as a guide or an example; a guideline.


1. a sign on a post by a road indicating directions
2. a principle or guideline



1. a post bearing a sign for the guidance of travelers, as at the intersection of two roads.
2. anything serving as a guide; guideline.
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Noun1.guidepost - a rule or principle that provides guidance to appropriate behaviorguidepost - a rule or principle that provides guidance to appropriate behavior
rule, regulation - a principle or condition that customarily governs behavior; "it was his rule to take a walk before breakfast"; "short haircuts were the regulation"
2.guidepost - a post bearing a sign that gives directions or shows the wayguidepost - a post bearing a sign that gives directions or shows the way
sign - a public display of a message; "he posted signs in all the shop windows"
fingerboard, fingerpost - a guidepost resembling a hand with a pointing index finger


[ˈgaɪdpəʊst] Nposte m indicador
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EDITORIAL - SONA guideposts !-- -- (The Philippine Star) - July 22, 2019 - 12:00am Jobs, wages and consumer prices are the principal issues that Filipinos want President Duterte to tackle when he delivers his fourth State of the Nation Address.
Choppington A's 3-0 victory over their B team and Guideposts's 2-1 home defeat to Vet D leaves Guidepost two points adrift in joint third.
The appeals for giving birth to more children resemble guideposts of roads that do not exist which lead to a dead-end.
Unpaid carers can find out what kind of help may be available to them as part of Carers Rights Day tomorrow, backed by Warwickshire County Council and Guideposts Carers' Support Service.
Supreme Court's ruling in Gore failed to define a "bright line" ratio between punitive and compensatory damages, it enunciated guideposts to determine the constitutionality of punitive damages awards.
The volume is divided into two parts--some background and identification of issues followed by "guideposts" for ethical decisionmaking.
Afro-Cuban dieties such as Yemaya, lord of oceans and giver of life, and Oya, lord of the winds and gatekeeper between life and death, are among the spiritual figures portrayed for the lay reader; testimonies of men and women in physical or emotional pain and the guideposts to their healing illustrate the power and wisdom of ancient practices.
Human Technology offers twelve guideposts for living a peaceful and happy life that is true to oneself, including "Listen for the voice of your soul until you find your passionate life purpose", "Live as your soul directs with honesty, integrity, and diligence", "Recognize that you are what you choose and what you act".
Therefore, symptoms are viewed by the homeopath as guideposts to finding the deeper underlying problem.
As we plan for the future, two guideposts show us our direction: the five-year strategic plan, approved by the Executive Board last September, and the results of the market research study now under way.
Of the six immune system proteins that doctors use as guideposts to match donors with recipients, only one Hurler's baby had a six-out-of-six match with the cord-Mood donor.

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