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Guil•lain′-Bar•ré′ syn`drome

(giˈyæn bəˈreɪ)
an uncommon, usu. self-limited form of polyneuritis manifested by loss of muscle strength, loss of or altered sensation, and sometimes paralysis.
[after French physicians Georges Guillain (1876–1961) and Jean Alexandre Barré (1880–1967), who described it]
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The German defender's career stalled when he developed Guillain-BarreSyndrome -a debilitating disease that attacks the nervous system -within months of Liverpool's 2001 treble-winning campaign.
Rovers want to be certain the 30-year- old has fully recovered from the effects of Guillain-BarreSyndrome, the illness which kept Babbel out of action for a year.