Guillaume Apollinaire

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Noun1.Guillaume Apollinaire - French poet; precursor of surrealism (1880-1918)
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Unsurprisingly, his novel is full of references and allusions to writers, such as Guillaume Apollinaire, Alexandre Dumas, Victor Hugo, Franz Kafka, and Vladimir Nabokov.
cummings, os franceses Stephane Mallarme e Guillaume Apollinaire, o irlandes James Joyce e os brasileiros Oswald de Andrade e Joao Cabral de Melo Neto (Campos et al, 2006: 215-6).
"French language is not only the cement of a nation, it's also the catalyst for freedom and hope," said Macron, who compared Aznavour to French poet Guillaume Apollinaire.
translation Guillaume Apollinaire: The Little Auto (CB Editions, 2012)
The Parisian poet Guillaume Apollinaire succumbed too, as did one of Lenin's right-hand men, Yakov Sverdlov.
The faces were mainly those of artists and poets as diverse as Leon Battista Alberti, Francis Picabia, and Guillaume Apollinaire; but also included, for instance, was Michelangelo's Cumaean Sibyl.
She was romantically engaged with poet Guillaume Apollinaire and Laurencin is often revered as his muse, while Apollinaire inspired many of Laurencin's works as well.