Guinea grass

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(Bot.) a tall strong forage grass (Panicum jumentorum) introduced. from Africa into the West Indies and Southern United States.

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Moreover, a tea made from guinea grass can also be helpful to boost memory, increase mental alertness, elevate mood and respond better to stimuli such as stress and pleasure, which is common in depression.
It has been shown that the addition of fermented juice of epiphytic LAB (FJLB) from tropical forages such as Napier grass (Bureenok et al., 2006) and Guinea grass (Bureenok et al., 2005) improved the quality of the respective silages.
The acetic acid production was higher at high storage temperature (40[degrees]C) when compared with that at low temperature (28[degrees]C); a similar trend was also demonstrated with guinea grass, maize and total mixed ration silages in temperate areas [7,18,19].
Rabbits are non-ruminant herbivores, which can be fed on wide range of feeds including grasses: guinea grass and elephant grass.
(2004) showed that the pH of Guinea grass (Panicum maximum Jac) silage treated with glucose had significantly decreased in comparison with the control.
Effects of two post grazing heights on morphogenic and structural characteristics of Guinea grass under rotational grazing.
This research was conducted in the nursery of King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah, and in the laboratory of the Faculty of Science, where seven Red Sea Water concentration levels (0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60%) were magnetized and used for irrigation of Guinea grass (Panicum maximum).
Half of the school's grounds are overrun by weeds and nonnative guinea grass, making the land unusable.
Panicum maximum (Guinea grass) is one of the most common and wide spread grasses in the derived savannah region of Nigeria.
The hexagonal combustion chamber of width 76 cm was used as fuel bed for Guinea grass (Panicum maximum) and poplar gum (Eucalyptus platyphylla) litter.