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a. A gold coin issued in England from 1663 to 1813 and worth one pound and one shilling.
b. The sum of one pound and one shilling.
2. Offensive Slang Used as a disparaging term for a person of Italian birth or descent.

[After the Guineacoast of Africa, the source of the gold from which it was first made.]

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1. A historical region of western and equatorial Africa extending along the coast from Gambia to Angola. Sections of the area from the Bight of Benin westward were known to early traders as the Slave, Gold, Ivory, and Grain Coasts.
2. A country of western Africa on the Atlantic Ocean. Inhabited by Fulani, Malinke, and Susu peoples, parts of present-day Guinea belonged to the medieval kingdom of Ghana and later to the Mali Empire. Explored by the Portuguese in the 1400s, it came under French control in the 1800s, becoming a part of French West Africa in 1895. Guinea gained its independence in 1958. Conakry is the capital and the largest city.

Guin′e·an adj. & n.
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(Physical Geography) of or relating to Guinea or its inhabitants
(Physical Geography) a native or inhabitant of Guinea
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Noun1.Guinean - a native or inhabitant of GuineaGuinean - a native or inhabitant of Guinea  
French Guinea, Republic of Guinea - a republic in western Africa on the Atlantic; formerly a French colony; achieved independence from France in 1958
African - a native or inhabitant of Africa
Adj.1.Guinean - of or relating to or characteristic of Guinea or its inhabitants; "Guinean borders"
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A. ADJguineano
B. Nguineano/a m/f
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President Sisi during a meeting with Guinean Foreign Minister Mamadi Toure on Tuesday - Press Photo CAIRO, 3 September 2019: President Abdel Fatah El Sisi received on Tuesday a verbal message from Guinean president Alpha Conde on bilateral relations, coordination on African issues and efforts to fight terrorism.
NNA - Secretary General of the Higher Relief Committee, General Mohammad Kheir, told the National News Agency that contacts are continuing with the Guinean authorities to confirm the identity of the body found at the river bank in the Conakry area of CiCiGuinea, and whether it belongs to the young Lebanese Hussein Fashikh.
Guinean pilgrim Maimunah Ali and her baby, Mohammed Salman.
President George Manneh Weah arrived in the Guinean capital, Conakry, for a two-day official state visit on Thursday, 11 July.
Vale paid BSGR an initial price of US$ 500 million, and invested over US$ 700 million, principally in Zogota, before the Guinean government withdrew the concessions upon finding that BSGR had obtained its rights to Simandou as a result of its bribery of Guinean officials.
The agreements were signed by Foreign Affairs Minister Khemaies Jhinaoui and his Equatorial Guinean counterpart Simeon Oyono Esono Angue.
Aro said the Guinean President expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the Sudan to bring peace to southern Sudan and his efforts towards reconciliation in the Central African Republic.
President Tsai Ing-wen shared the spotlight with United States President Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping on a Papua New Guinean poster, even though she will not attend the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit due to pressure from Beijing.
Amman, Nov 14 (Petra) -- Guinean President Alpha Conde and an accompanying delegation on Tuesday evening visited the Ministry of Agriculture and checked on the Jordanian experience in the field of agriculture.
In addition, despite the prevalence of child forced begging in Quranic schools, Guinean authorities have never prosecuted a marabout--a Quranic teacher--for child forced begging.
Partnership agreements, 24 in number, will be signed between Tunisia and Guinea on the occasion of the Tunisian-Guinean joint commission meeting to be held on February 18 and 19, said Director General of the Guinean Agency for the Promotion of Private Investment Gabriel Curtis.