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 (go͞o′lər, gyo͞o′-)
Of, relating to, or located on the throat.

[Latin gula, throat + -ar.]
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(ˈɡuːlə; ˈɡjuː-)
(Anatomy) anatomy of, relating to, or situated in the throat or oesophagus
[C19: from Latin gula throat]
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The hoofs of his horse often threatened the heads of the running men, but they scampered with sin- gular fortune.
The matrix block presents a natural external mould of the ventral side of the skull including mandibles, submandibular plates, lateral and median gulars, part of the shoulder girdle, a fragment of the pectoral fin and squamation of the anterior part of the body.
The diagnosis for both Cuvierichelys and Landreatchelys proposed by Hervet (2004a) indicated that both taxa lacked well-developed keels in the carapace, but that they could have a poorly-developed posterior medial keel; moderately wide first vertebral, as wide as or wider than the nuchal plate; sub-straight or slightly curved lateral margins of the first vertebral scute; subtrapezoidal anterior plastral lobe, with rounded lateral margins; gulars not overlying the anterior region of the entoplastron, or showing a short overlap.
We need to f up u space and provide fre ch c allenges for last seaso re r gulars. For anybody w di dn't play regularly, Mich wi w ll be asking why."
emAnd there has been b Aller Joe Casey, with caling he was only doin sayi message posted on Fa A Lees and re-posted Bobbiesaid: "We would like J re r gulars sfriends are behind hall his cent.
vanderhaegei); nostrils (snout) much more prominent than any other toadhead; barbels small (as in all Batrachemys; not as large as Phrynops); the widest parietal roof in any toadhead (over 30% HW in juveniles); 5-8 neural bones (as in Phrynops; more than Mesoclemmys and Batrachemys); the first neural touching the proneural (as in Phrynops); the intergular wider than the gulars (as with all toadheads but R.
Bills that would ban partial-birth abortion were called "dangerous measures." Sin gular leaves the strong impression that Kathleen Sebelius-one of the most extreme defenders of restriction-free abortion in Kansas when she was governor, the sort of cafeteria-Catholic who abhors capital punishment but embraces euthanasia and abortion--owes her elevation to Obama's secretary of Health and Human Services to her protection of Tiller and others like him.
Peter Dutchin, Brooke Hayward's friend, is described as another re gular at Mortimer's.