n.1.A flower. See Gold.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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on!" -- but o'er the Past(Dim guld!) my spirit hovering lies Mute, mothionless, aghast!
INTERNATIONAL MOSCOW -- Russia and Iran foreign ministers will hold talks in Moscow and is expected to focus on the nuclear issue, in addition to developments in the Arabian Guld. WASHINGTON -- High Alert in the US over the slow-moving, category five Dorian - the second-strongest Atlantic hurricane on record - has sustained winds of up to 180mph (285km/h).
Pakistani companies partnering in the event were Canroyal Oil Lubricants, Khurshid Trading, Syed Fayyaz Group, Stars Light, Mohammed Riaz and Partners, AZ Engineers, Al Amwaj Al Sabha Trading, Guld Neon Signs, Al Haseena Jewellery, Naseem Al Batinah Al Watinah, Al Ghazaal Rice, Al Barkah Steel and Engineering, Stones World International, NESPAK and Habib Bank.
Khoso, Chief Executive Officer of CDF Mohammad Jan Odhano, Lala Hassan, lead trainer and human rights defender, Guld Buledi, Nadim Bahrani, GM Jamali, Imran Sarki and others said journalists should be very careful while reporting the survivors and victims of gender based violence.
No opposition or resistance was seen from the Guld states.
1973: New karyotype form of the mole rat (Spalax Guld.).
The film centers around a poem by Mawlana Jalal-Addin Al-Romi; in its first international showing was displayed along with fourteen international films in the contest for the "Muhr Guld Short Film".
The NBO of a portfolio of strong and well-known brands, such as Hallbergs Guld and Guldfynd, remained well ahead of the competition, in an otherwise highly fragmented competitive landscape.
Primarily written in Danish, AndersenAEs oversized and sumptuously illustrated book, Sukker og Guld (Sugar and Gold), presents the 250-year history of the Danish-Norwegian colonization of the West Indies soon after the inception of the West Indian Company.
Guld Today further said that Dar and Benmessoud had discussion on various sectors in which World Bank had assisted Pakistan.