Gulf of Aqaba

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Noun1.Gulf of Aqaba - a northeastern arm of the Red Sea; between the Sinai Peninsula (Egypt) and Saudi Arabia
Red Sea - a long arm of the Indian Ocean between northeast Africa and Arabia; linked to the Mediterranean at the north end by the Suez Canal
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Organic carbon and carbonate distributions near sewage out falls in the Jordan Gulf of aquaba, Red Sea, Arabian Gulf.
The nine areas quoted are the Moroccan coast (over-fishing in both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean as a result of use of deep-sea nets and over-use of water resources by intensive agriculture along with problems arising from the use of pesticides); Malta (drought accentuated by the pressures of tourism); the Gulf of Gabes, Tunisia (sea pollution); the Konya basin in central Turkey (deterioration in water supply); Bay of Iskenderu, South-East Turkey (sea pollution); Lebanon (air pollution and deforestation); the Gulf of Aquaba, Egypt (over-development of tourism, drinking water shortages, deterioration of the ocean and problems with waste disposal).