Gulf of California

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Noun1.Gulf of California - a gulf to the west of the mainland of Mexico
Mexico, United Mexican States - a republic in southern North America; became independent from Spain in 1810
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From this great treasury of waters issue forth limpid streams, which, augmenting as they descend, become main tributaries of the Missouri on the one side, and the Columbia on the other; and give rise to the Seeds-ke-dee Agie, or Green River, the great Colorado of the West, that empties its current into the Gulf of California.
It was, in fact, a branch of the Colorado, which falls into the Gulf of California, and had received from the hunters the name of Spanish River, from information given by the Indians that Spaniards resided upon its lower waters.
Although the presence of whale sharks in the Gulf of California and the Mexican Caribbean is predictable, there are no published records of stranded whale sharks, age estimations or anatomical observations that can be useful for ecological, phylogenetic or further basic biological studies (Whitehead et al., 2018).
Ophioblennius steindachneri is primarily a tropical species previously known as far north as Isla Guadalupe, northern Baja California (SIO 57-190) and extending southwards throughout almost all of the Gulf of California and to Peru, including all of the islands off of Baja California, Mexico, Central America and northern South America, with the exception of Clipperton Island (Love et al.
As coauthor Jessica Tierney of the University of Arizona (UA) explains, "Plants take up whichever water they get, and because the two seasons have different ratios of hydrogen isotopes, we can relate the isotope ratios in the preserved leaf waxes to the amount of monsoon rain across the Gulf of California region."
The species Megapitaria aurantiaca, Megapitaria squalida, and Dosinia ponderosa have been traditionally fished in the Gulf of California and the occidental coast of the Baja California peninsula (Castro-Ortiz & Tripp-Quezada 1994, Schweers et al.
Three US-based conservation groups are seeking legal action against US President Donald Trump's administration for failing to comply with a federal law that bans the importation of shrimp and other seafood caught with gillnets in the upper Gulf of California.
That's when marine life in this area of the Gulf of California was almost completely wiped out by overfishing, prompting Cabo Pulmo's 100 or so residents to take action.
Moreover, Craveri wrote in Italian, which is not a familiar language to most scientists who conduct research in the Gulf of California. An English translation of Craveri's Gulf voyage is currently in preparation, and we hope that a translation into Spanish will follow.
California blue whales range from Alaska to the Gulf of California. The whales visible along the Oregon Coast are usually gray whales, but the larger blue whales sometimes come close to shore.
Scientists studied a 26,000-year-old sediment core taken from the Gulf of California to find out how the ocean's ability to take up atmospheric CO2 has changed over time.
In relation to key variables, (1) it was observed in summer that the average chlorophyll a concentration was ~6mg [m.sup.-3], but the maximum values occurred with blooms that were observed exclusively in the other seasons which received loads by sewage, and (2) dissolved oxygen concentrations in summer had average values of ~5mg [L.sup.-1] and ~5.5 mg [L.sup.-1] in winter, which is substantially lower from that observed in winter (~8 mg [L.sup.-1]) in this area of the Gulf of California without sewage influence [24].