Gulf of Riga

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Noun1.Gulf of Riga - an inlet of the Baltic Sea between Latvia and Estonia
Baltic, Baltic Sea - a sea in northern Europe; stronghold of the Russian navy
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The centenary of the Latvian Naval Forces was marked also by a parade of military vessels in the Gulf of Riga, which for the first time was reviewed by President Levits.
Estonia is surrounded by the sub-basins of the Baltic: the Gulf of Finland, the Baltic Proper, and the Gulf of Riga. These all differ considerably in their characteristics.
Lott examines in detail the regime of passage in the Estonian Straits, which are in the northeast part of the Baltic Sea and lead to the Gulf of Finland and the Gulf of Riga. He discusses the legal categories of straits, the significance of maritime boundary delimitations for the legal regime of the Estonian Straits, the significance of the outer limits of maritime zones for the legal regime of the Estonian Straits, the significance of long-standing treaties and the legal regime of sui generis straits for the Viro Strait, and the significance of domestic law on the international waters and state continuity for the legal regime of the sea of straits.
"Now we have an opportunity to cooperate towards promotion of nautical tourism in the Gulf of Riga and along the coastline of Kurzeme (Latvia's Western province).
A The Skagerrak B The Gulf of Bothnia C The Kattegat D The Gulf of Riga QUESTION 13 - for 13 points: Which opera features the aria Nessun Dorma?
In the current study we analysed the use of this indicator of good environmental status in the northeastern Gulf of Riga based on zooplankton data collected mainly from Parnu Bay.
At Pakri they blow along the Gulf of Finland, at Ruhnu from the Gulf of Riga and at Sorve from the Baltic Proper.
- Herring: 137,800 tonnes for the stock in the Gulf of Bothniaa (+30% from 2013); 19,754 tonnes (-23%) for the Western Baltic; 112,725 tonnes (+25%) for the Central Baltic and 30,720 tonnes (status quo) for the Gulf of Riga
The total allowable catches (TACs) for the Baltic sea for the pelagic stock (herring and sprat) for the Central Baltic, Gulf of Riga and the Gulf of Bothnia correspond to the maximum sustainable yield (MSY, or the rate of capture allowing for the renewal of the species) for 2014, with the exception of the TAC for herring in the Western Baltic, which corresponds to the temporary level in relation to the MSY.
More than 220 people have been rescued after being stranded on an ice floe in the Gulf of Riga.
A database describing the variability of the biooptical water parameters in Parnu Bay (and partly in the Gulf of Riga) was collected during 2006-2007 (11 sampling stations, 10 series of field trips).