Gulf of St. Lawrence

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Noun1.Gulf of St. Lawrence - an arm of the northwest Atlantic Ocean off the southeastern coast of Canada
Atlantic, Atlantic Ocean - the 2nd largest ocean; separates North and South America on the west from Europe and Africa on the east
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Since Avonlea occupied a little triangular peninsula jutting out into the Gulf of St. Lawrence with water on two sides of it, anybody who went out of it or into it had to pass over that hill road and so run the unseen gauntlet of Mrs.
"Observations in the very inner Gulf of St. Lawrence show a dramatic oxygen decline, which is reaching hypoxic conditions, meaning it can't fully support marine life," Claret said.
"Ship to shore: Inuit, early Europeans, and maritime landscapes in the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence." In Ben Ford, ed., The Archaeology of Maritime Landscapes, vol.
Fisheries and Oceans Canada has put in force a host of new methods, including surveillance flights along the Gulf of St. Lawrence coastline and closing a snow crab fishing area, said Sarah Gilbert, a spokeswoman for the department.
Many of its members and its voters oppose the TransCanada Pipeline and oil development in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. But its elected representatives and cabinet ministers-in-waiting are keenly aware of the opinion held unanimously by the business class and won't dare contradict it.
(1995) documented the inshore movement of 60-68-mm-CW MM male snow crabs from the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and they interpreted this movement as a migration of these males early in the season (December) in order that they could mate with pubescent-primiparous females when there was no competition from large MM males.
The Sierra Club's Blue Whale Campaign profiles endangered species In the Gulf of St. Lawrence,
for its exploration site in the Gulf of St. Lawrence halted.
Anne--Quebec's beloved saint--stands overlooking the town, the bay, the great rock, and beyond into the waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and, further out, the Atlantic Ocean.
Brisaster fragilis is the only species of this group commonly found in the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence, living in soft fine mud from relatively shallow to deep water [1].