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Noun1.Gulo - a genus of MustelidaeGulo - a genus of Mustelidae    
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
family Mustelidae, Mustelidae - weasels; polecats; ferrets; minks; fishers; otters; badgers; skunks; wolverines; martens
carcajou, Gulo luscus, skunk bear, wolverine - stocky shaggy-coated North American carnivorous mammal
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Metadichol is the first known agonist of the GULO gene that amplifies the expression even at one picogram/ml.
Contrasting levels of genetic differentiation among populations of wolverines (Gulo guio) from northern Canada revealed by nuclear and mitochondrial loci.
Diet of wolverines (Gulo gulo) in the western Brooks Range, Alaska.
These data raise the question whether the study of the fluoride and oxidative stress or vitamin C relevant genes should use the Gulo deficient mouse model.
Prices include four nights' accommodation on a half-board basis at Ranua Holiday Village in the Gulo Gulo chalets.
In Andar district, a Taliban commander identified as Mullah Fazal Rahman with two others were killed last night when they were making bombs which detonated prematurely in the house of the commander in Gulo village, the district chief Yousuf Seraji told Pajhwok Afghan News.
Second Honors: Alicia Beshaw, Pamela Cace, Jaclyn Card, Luis Castillo, Jeena Cerasoli, Ishua Corporan, Alexander Cruz, Kevin Gilbert, Tomas Gulo, Joseph Ha, Scott Hackett, Youssef Hassani, Elizabeth Iacovone, Carrie Ivory, Dana Jaara, Joseph Johnson, Annah Killebrew, Sa Rith Ly, Si Ra Tha Ly, Lisa Mao, James Maynard, Jesus Moreta, Hung Nguyen, Phuong Lori Nguyen, Danielle Peart, Juan Rodriguez, Rachel Sensenig, Luz Sepulveda, Kara Squires, Marta Szczubelek, Tefta Tollkuci, Alyssa Wetherbee and Abel Zepeda.
Meet Gulo the Savage, a new threat to the Abbey of Redwall who has killed his own brother to seize a fabled Walking Stone of conquest.
A'a Gulo, a staff member at the Nias coordinating post for natural disaster, told Kyodo News from the island town of Gunung Sitoli that most of the dead are from the village of Lahusa, the hardest-hit area.
Conservation concerns are escalating due to the small numbers, reduced range, and increasingly fragmented distribution of wide-ranging forest carnivores in the American West--specifically the lynx (Lynx canadensis), wolverine (Gulo gulo), and fisher (Mattes pennanti).
The wolverine or glutton (Gulo gulo) lords it over the taiga forest in winter, sometimes travelling many kilometers in a single day.
Such mammals as gray wolves (Canis lupus), wolverines (Gulo gulo), and moose (Alces alces) are found here.