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n.1.Guilt. See Guilt.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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After differentiation, the expression of PDX1, glucagon, somatostatin, GULT 2, and GCK was comparable in both BM-MSCs and AT-MSCs without a significant statistical difference.
If it took no action, "then truly the honorable council will have to answer before God, since the council collects tithes and taxes (zins und gult) from the poor people as its subjects, but it does not supply them with the food of souls." (1)
The pioneers in this subject were Andrews, Cristensen, Gult and Learned, who in the decade of the sixties of the last century proposed the tool known as SWOT, to conduct strategic analysis; years later Porter (1979, 2008) identified the different forces that regulate the competency into an economic sector.
Timing, species participation, and environmental factors influencing annual mass spawning at the Flower Garden Banks (northwest Gult of Mexico).
These original documents, translated from Ge'ez and Amharic and found in Coptic churches and monasteries, establish the granting of a specific type of property right, gult.
A heart surgeon at the prestigious Caroline Hospital in Stockholm, he published a poetry collection, Allt vi har (All We Have), in 1987 and a short novel, Vem ar radd for rott, gult och blatt?
Gult Coast Heritage Association/Historic Spanish Point.
How many times do we hear quoted at us--always with respect, usually with some sense of gult or shame--the Latin American poet's judgment about our "little personal poems"?