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Noun1.Gulu - a city in northern Uganda
Republic of Uganda, Uganda - a landlocked republic in eastern Africa; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1962
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Since its establishment two years back, the university has been operating in a makeshift building at Gulu Dheri.
Evidence comes from several sources, the most important of which are a set of interviews conducted in Gulu and Kampala in May and June 2015.
The school guided by Kikechi Ben Kombo, the school won silver at the nationals before win the title at the east Africa Games in Gulu, Uganda.
July 28, 2017 (KHARTOUM) - The government of Central Darfur state has underscored the security, humanitarian and food situation in the locality of Gulu, Jebel Marra area, is stable describing the UN reports in this regard as "contradictory".
Four fixed test stations are under construction in Namanve (Jinja Road), Mbarara, Gulu and Mbale.
Mike Gulu, chief of the Okabo clan, declared that "burying money alongside a body is taboo, so we exhumed the corpse and the money was returned to the family".
Warning the Punjab police to avoid confrontation with 'peaceful protesters', Imran said, 'The government has turned Punjab police into Gulu Butt.
Gulu Bhat top scored with 49 runs and other useful contribution came from Warhon with 15 runs.
Gulu, Uganda, Shawwal 09, 1437, July 14, 2016, SPA -- Germany on Wednesday was evacuating its nationals from South Sudan where tensions were running high amid uncertainty over whether a ceasefire would hold, according to dpa.
He referred to the transfer of the government of Central Darfur State to Gulu area which will be the capital of the state.
Performance of last project The first phase has been riddled with controversy such as the initial refusal by vendors to enter the Wandegeya market, cracks in the Gulu market, and high rental fees at the Mpanga Market in Fortportal, among others.
She joined the Ugandan peace delegation to the LRA, which attempted to get Kony to end the war, and became a human rights advocate for war-affected women in northern Uganda and worked with the Women's Advocacy Network and Justice and Reconciliation Project in Gulu.