Gum pot

, a varnish maker's utensil for melting gum and mixing other ingredients.

See also: Gum

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Copier 75 GSM 2 Correcting Pen ( Best quality) 3 Jams Clip (Plastic ) Zebra 4 Gum pot (700 mg) Oxford/Camel 5 Envelop ordinary size (9x4 ,10x4) 6 Envelop- big (10X8 , 12X10 ) 7 Stapler Machine ( Big ) Star 8 Dispatch Register Binding Book-No.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of stationary items Jems clip, alpin, punch machin, pin case, knife, gum pot, soap hand wash, soap, detergent, writing pad, celotape etc.