Gum stick

a smooth hard substance for children to bite upon while teething.

See also: Gum

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Some of the candy in the Brain Blasterz range includes Gum Stick, Sour Powder, Brain Bitz and Brain Cellz, alongside the original Candy Container.
His medical condition subsequently became the subject of considerable debate when he appeared gaunt at a conference in June.However, Jobs kicked off the press event in San Francisco by poking fun at persistent rumours about his health.He flashed a famous Mark Twain quote, "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated," on the screen as he stepped onstage, in reference to the premature publication of his obituary on Bloomberg's web site.New products announced by Jobs include high-definition television shows available on Apple's online iTunes store and a slim new iPod Nano model that upgrades the technology while returning the gum stick shape people preferred.
The new NW-MS9 comes with 64- meg of memory - enough for up to two hours of music - and a "gum stick" rechargeable battery for pounds 300.
Discarded gum sticks to surfaces and has to be washed off with specialist equipment.
(3) Gum sticks to walls because it's made of a kind of --.
POEM OF THE DAY Litter Louts Finished with your litter just throw it away Stink to high heaven as we walk past That's the way of the world today Old chewing gum sticks to our shoes Do the young not realise that they are making a mess As we step over the sick of last night's booze Or is it that they just could not care less Wall to wall litter on our streets Their left over food you just throw on the street The cause of vermin around our feet Which the seagulls and vermin thankfully eat By George McLanders Hamburger and chips strewn on the grass
A: Sorry, Grandma, but there's no truth behind the claim that swallowed gum sticks around that long.
CHEWING GUMCHEWING gum sticks to your insides and takes seven years to pass through your digestive tract.