Gum wood

the wood of any gum tree, esp. the wood of the Eucalyptus piperita, of New South Wales.

See also: Gum

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However, after planting millions of trees, lumber production intended for railroad ties was abandoned because blue gum wood often split, twisted and cracked.
As a result, the new terminal includes a village-type green, which can be used for laying and playing on, outdoor furniture, bench seating and the use of local materials, including spotted gum wood and local Queensland stone.
Buenaventura: We cook steaks the simple, traditional way, using charcoal and gum wood as our heat source.
A few original details are still present, though--the gum wood paneling in the living room, now painted a deep dusty blue, and the old bank vault door in the basement--yes, it has a base-ment--which leads to a store room.
He carves high detail birds with tupelo gum wood and paints them with oils or acrylics, and more.
But sweet gum wood tends to crack a lot during the drying process, so I don't use sweet gum," he says.
The interior is constructed from River Red Gum wood (a type of eucalyptus) sourced from a local plantation, and rattan is used to fabricate the individual pods.
Figure 6 shows ruptured ray cells in radiata pine and blue gum wood.