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A small candy made of sweetened, colored, and flavored gum arabic or gelatin and often coated with sugar.


(Cookery) a small jelly-like sweet containing gum arabic and various colourings and flavourings. Also called (esp Brit): gum



a small candy made of sweetened and flavored gum arabic, gelatin, or the like.
[1855–60, Amer.]
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Noun1.gumdrop - a jellied candy coated with sugar crystals
candy, confect - a rich sweet made of flavored sugar and often combined with fruit or nuts
jujube - chewy fruit-flavored jellied candy (sometimes medicated to soothe a sore throat)


[ˈgʌmdrɒp] Npastilla f de goma
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In 90 minutes of well-paced and cleverly plotted drama the series six finale just about had the lot - laughter, tears, romance, intrigue, suspense, misery, life-affirmation and golly gumdrops.
In 90 minutes of well-paced and cleverly plotted drama, the series six climax just about had the lot - laughter, tears, romance, intrigue, suspense, misery, lifeaffirmation and golly gumdrops.
Then I moved to the more conventional: tinctures, extracts, candy, chewing gum, gumdrops, lozenges, cream, lip balm, throat spray, oral spray, nasal spray, mouthwash, body powder, toothpaste, and airborne diffusion.
The cards in this charming new line include precious animals like piglets, puppies and polar bear cubs with fun accents like cheerful daisies, sugar-coated gumdrops and yummy ice cream.
Candy chooses some gumdrops in a candy store, a special bird-like toy, a jump rope and some CDs.
There are points in this half of the season that these characters actually do smile," said showrunner Scott Gimple, adding, "It isn't all sunshine and gumdrops, but there is a great deal of stuff that feels hopeful.
But dividend investing isn't all gumdrops and rainbows.
Without it, other particles could have no mass, and because mass is evident in everything from gumdrops to galaxies, the absence of the Higgs boson would have sent physicists back to the drawing board.
complete with Santa's arrival from the North Pole, and "Candy Canes, Gumdrops, and Lollipops/' a fashion show just for the between set.
We like the way you added gumdrops and the candy cane door.
Cold Currie, Ayr on a shoestring, pulling down your Pontys and developing a stomach Ulster, goody, goody gumdrops it must be time for the British & Irish Cup again.
It also includes ideas and instructions for combining clay to make accents such as candy canes, peppermint swirls, and gumdrops.