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n.1.In Sanskrit grammar, a lengthening of the simple vowels a, i, e, by prefixing an a element. The term is sometimes used to denote the same vowel change in other languages.
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Raghogarh (Madhya Pradesh) [India] January 20 ( ANI ): The Congress Party on Friday won 20 of the 24 wards in Raghogarh Municipal Council elections in Madhya Pradesh's Guna District.
When the girl said they would not kill him and were just looking for him, he said: "Wat u think iam guna do wen dey come armed me self just guna run at Dem.
People of Guna know the attitude of the Scindia family towards common people.
Nena Guna Thilina' project is a concept of President Mahinda Rajapaksa functions as a Social Responsibility Project under Presidential Secretariat.
La metodologia empleada en fa investigacion ha sido el trabajo de campo antropologico (2003-2010), con base en la observacion participante, y el trabajo de analisis documental y de contenido de las imagenes y discursos sobre el turismo guna.
A team of two vehicles may also compete Polaris 4 Guna 4 organised by Xtreme Motor Sport together.
Guna Airlines has recently bought two Beechcraft 1900 aircraft.
It was questionable whether or not steel could have been structured as a stand-alone, viable business with investment-grade credit--given the capital challenges facing it," Guna says.
Guna Venus is designed for women and Guna Mars for men.
Summary: Guna (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Nov 25 (ANI): Leakage of gas from an ice factory near Muskan Talkies in Madhya Pradesh's Guna area on Saturday created panic among the people near Bhullan Pura's Bajrang Raod.
guna-badarwas Ofc Route 32000 Meter From Guna Te to Badarwas Te Document cost : INR 525 EMD value : INR 78498 Opening date : 16 Feb 2018
Summary: Guna (Madhya Pradesh), Oct 24 (ANI): A case has been registered against Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Divisional President Pradeep Bhatt in Guna, Madhya Pradesh for clicking picture of a woman.