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Noun1.Gunnar Myrdal - Swedish economist (1898-1987)
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Economists like Gunnar Myrdal in Sweden, Andre Gunder Frank in the United States, and Francois Perroux in France warned of rising inequality among countries, the development of underdevelopment, and economic domination.
In part I of the book, the author highlights a debate that never happened (but should have, in his opinion) between two Nobel Prize winners in economics: Gunnar Myrdal and F.
One wishes he must have read the master-piece book by Development Economist Gunnar Myrdal, titled the Asian Drama: An Inquiry into Poverty of Nations.
Among the topics are a bridge between East and West: Gunnar Myrdal and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe 1947-57, transferring Western knowledge to a centrally planned economy: Finland and scientific-technical cooperation with the Soviet Union, social engineering and alienation between East and West: Czech Christian-Marxist dialogue in the 1960s from the national level to the global arena, and planning the future of world markets: the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development's Interfuturs project.
In accordance with the principle of social and cumulative causation propounded by Swedish economist Gunnar Myrdal, economically advanced member states tend to benefit more from the process of economic integration.
My tears finally fell when I read how Gunnar Myrdal described the Philippines:
Gunnar Myrdal, a Nobel laureate in economics, is known for this assertion: 'It is in the agricultural sector that the battle for long-term economic development will be won or lost.' A previous Eagle Watch article written by Ms.
Hayek shared the 1974 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences with Gunnar Myrdal.
Gunnar Myrdal, the Swedish social scientist, was still writing his book Asian Drama in which he postulated the presence of the 'soft state' as the main reason for South Asia's relative backwardness.
At an anti-war demonstration in February, Olof Palme, along with Gunnar Myrdal, a prominent development economist who had served as a government minister, led the march together with the North Vietnamese ambassador to Moscow, Ngyen Tho Chyan.
Former Governor of Sindh and former Research Assistant for Professor Gunnar Myrdal's epic "Asian Drama."
The background, however, is that Sweden's government had adopted a radical agenda for population control formulated by Gunnar and Alva Myrdal (yes, the same Gunnar Myrdal who shared the 1974 economics prize with Hayek).