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Noun1.Gunnar Myrdal - Swedish economist (1898-1987)
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The two principal offenders in this regard, say Gans, are "culture of poverty," introduced into everyday conversation by Oscar Lewis thirty years ago, and "under-class," introduced by Gunnar Myrdal at about the same time and gaining in currency ever since.
As Gunnar Myrdal put it, the jobs boycott "runs on a petty middle class racial basis.
Almost 50 years after Gunnar Myrdal published An American Dilemma and almost 25 years after the Kerner Commission report, the situation of black people in America remains dire.
483), which cited the work of sociologists Kenneth Clark and Gunnar Myrdal, among others , as a basis for overturning Plessy v.
This is the "American Dilemma" Gunnar Myrdal defined fifty years ago--brought about by the intrusion of an intractable moral issue upon a political system designed to effect compromise.
Trends such as these led Gunnar Myrdal, Nobel Prize-winning economist and the architect of Sweden's welfare state, to write that rent control "has constituted the worst example of poor planning by government lacking courage and vision.
Back in the sixties Gunnar Myrdal attacked the idea of affirmative action as detracting from any push for full employment.
Although it's unmentioned in the book, Bok is the son-in-law of the late Gunnar Myrdal, the Swedish Nobel laureate whose own economic work--like that of Myrdal's contemporary, John Kenneth Galbraith--never hesitated to challenge the conventional wisdom about an economic system prone to venality and waste.
To address such questions requires not an Evans and Novak or a Brokaw or Jennings but the socioeconomic profundity of a Gunnar Myrdal, the historical vision of an E.
Intellectuals such as Kenneth Clark, John Hope Franklin, Gunnar Myrdal and C.
Nobel Prize winner Gunnar Myrdal stated in his book Asian Drama: An Inquiry into the Poverty of Nations that 'there are many Indians who still doubt that Pakistan can hold together and who believe in particular that East Pakistan will break away from West Pakistan.
Rothstein references a section of An American Dilemma, the 1944 classic on race in America by the late Swedish economist and Nobel laureate Gunnar Myrdal.