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(European Myth & Legend) (in the Nibelungenlied) a king of Burgundy, allied with Siegfried, who won for him his wife Brunhild. He corresponds to Gunnar in Norse mythology


(ˈgʊn tər)

(in the Nibelungenlied) a king of Burgundy and the husband of Brunhild: corresponds to Gunnar in the Volsunga Saga.
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said that Russell Gunther has joined the firm's institutional equity research team to provide analysis of the Mid-Atlantic banking sector.
Managing director Gunther Mull explains his biometrie innovation: "The 'Face Matching' enables to match face pictures against each other or against large databases.
While Alison and Noah are talking, Gunther (Brendan Fraser) is intently staring at them.
Gunther Abrahamson, who died in Ottawa on 8 April 2016, steered federal government programs in the North for three critical decades.
We take the position of there's nothing wrong with advertising at all for any type of business," said Rick Gunther, the firm's chief financial officer.
Belgian tourist Gunther de Belle has come up with the perfect solution - by producing a hilarious video of his summer holiday here.
P HILIP Kerr's Bernie Gunther detective novels are as much about who murdered whom as about the atmosphere and setting.
Greenfleet, a carbon offsets company has announced the appointment of Gunther Jurkschat as its new chairperson.
When it comes to ammunition, Gunther makes it a point to sell a couple boxes of inexpensive ammunition with every box of premium ammunition, noting inexpensive ammo is what's used most from practice and more expensive premium ammo is used for serious personal-defense situations.
Prof Tjivikua said that they hosted Prof Gunther while he was on a business mission in Namibia and that this ceremony is the outcome of the fruitful engagement they had.
Nels Holmgren, director of the Utah Division of Aging & Adult Services and Jilenne Gunther, legal services developer for the division, presented the award to Bank of American Fork CEO Richard Beard.
Philip Kerr introduced German detective Bernie Gunther in Berlin Noir--a trilogy consisting of March Violets (1989), The Pale Criminal (1990), and A German Requiem (1991); Kerr reprises him for the ninth time in A Man Without Breath, a tightly focused crime novel spanning three violent months in the middle of World War II.