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Noun1.Gunter Grass - German writer of novels and poetry and plays (born 1927)
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LEAVES OF GRASS--The unpublished letters of Gunther Grass
The film shows clips of radio interviews, live public performances, academic conferences, and exchanges with other public figures (we see him conversing with Gunther Grass).
220, my emphasis), and mistakes in both the footnotes and bibliography ('Gunther Grass', p.
The association invited amongst others the Nobel laureate Gunther Grass as an honorary member.
Nobel-prizewinning novelist Gunther Grass has likened the show's creator to a modern-day Mengele, Hitler's Frankensteinian henchman.
The incorrect use of 'less', 'due to' and 'inference' may point to battles all but lost, but the list of proper names incorrectly spelt includes 'Monsieur Teste', Salammbo, Cerisy, Cincinnati, Boccaccio, Ingres and Gunther Grass. Bach's 'Art of Fugue' becomes 'Art of the Fugue'.
This gathering is meant to "start a process of collective creation capable of offering a realistic utopia for those who do not accept the world as it is." Among the first signatories: Bourdieu, Gunther Grass, Jose Bove and trade-union leaders from Italy and Germany.
Gunther Grass had it right in his book when he looked at New York -- he could have meant Detroit or Los Angeles, Richmond or Dallas -- and said, "Calcutta is coming, Calcutta is coming."