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 (go͝op′tə, go͞op′-)
A Hindu dynasty that ruled most of northern India from 320?-520?, under which the arts flourished and a strong central government was established.


(Historical Terms) the dynasty ruling northern India from the early 4th century to the late 6th century ad: the period is famous for achievements in art, science, and mathematics


(ˈgʊp tə, ˈgʌp-)

a dynasty of N India (A.D. 320–540) whose court was the center of classical Indian art and literature.
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Dis- the Guptan style, the temple complex is believed to be dating back to the 6th century AD.
Additionally, Partner Rahul Guptan headed the Clifford Chance team with Counsel Paul Kuo and Senior Associate Jeremy Ward, whereas Yash Ashar, headed the Amarchand team.
They (her husband and son) have alleged that the woman, before being strung up from the tree, was raped and murdered by these men," district superintendent Happy Guptan told AFP.
They [her husband and son] have alleged that the woman, before being strung up from the tree, was raped and murdered by these men," the district superintendent Happy Guptan told AFP.
Guptan Nair has mentioned in his Foreword, Nair had never written anything other than on the hundreds of files that he dealt with in his three-decade-old career, his memoirs are an eloquent testimony to his scholarship and literary flavour.
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Guptan, a professor and consultant, describes the role of the executive coach, then walks through the different popular approaches and theoretical frameworks for the practice of executive coaching, and describes various genres of executive coaching and how to decide between them.
In the Indian context, it can be achieved with the help of relational or familial type of leadership (Virmani & Guptan 1991, Virmani 2002).
335 CE, which lists foreign kings who paid tribute to the Guptas, uses Kushan titles to describe the Guptan rulers--'Descendant of the Son of Heaven'; 'King of Kings'--indicating not only the possibility of continuing contact between the Guptas and Kushan remnants, but equally the pervasive legacy of the Kushans in India.
Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani composed the music of the film, while Anvita Dutt Guptan, Kumaar and Vishal Dadlani have penned the lyrics.
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