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 (go͝op′tə, go͞op′-)
A Hindu dynasty that ruled most of northern India from 320?-520?, under which the arts flourished and a strong central government was established.
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(Historical Terms) the dynasty ruling northern India from the early 4th century to the late 6th century ad: the period is famous for achievements in art, science, and mathematics
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(ˈgʊp tə, ˈgʌp-)

a dynasty of N India (A.D. 320–540) whose court was the center of classical Indian art and literature.
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Jonas said he was tricked into a meeting at the Guptas' compound in Johannesburg where he was taken by Zuma's son, Duduzane, in September 2015.There, in the presence of Zuma Jr and another party, one of the Gupta brothers said they controlled "everything" in South Africa, that he (Jonas) has been monitored and that the Guptas knew what he was doing, that they had information on him which was damaging but that the president liked him.The brothers added that they could do what they liked, could appoint ministers and other people they wanted to key positions and that they wanted him to take over the Finance ministry as it had been identified as a block to their ambition to earn more than the $500 million they had already schemed from the South African state.
Bank of Baroda, which is winding down its operations in South Africa, was thrust into the spotlight two years ago when it started working with the Guptas.
The bank has denied allegations that it facilitated deals for the Guptas and helped them move billions of dollars outside South Africa.
Several media reports stated that Gupta is one of several suspects identified in the Estina dairy project investigation, which allegedly unlawfully netted the Guptas more than R100 million in state funds.
Hours before Zuma's resignation, South Africa was captivated by news of the early morning raid on the compound of his allies the Guptas, who were accused two years ago in a 350 page report by a corruption watchdog of using their influence to gain control of state companies and contracts.
Another manager at Silver Castle said ever since the Guptas chose this venue on the outskirts of Saharanpur, the organisers have been receiving " courtesy calls" from several VIPs in the state to ensure that the preparations are going on smoothly.
South African president Jacob Zuma has found himself in yet another embarrassing scandal after it emerged that he may have allowed members of a wealthy and politically-connected Indian family, the Guptas, to land their privately chartered aircraft carrying 200 people on a restricted military airbase while en route to a family wedding.
"He got bored," says Renu Gupta, who together with her husband launched ARC Energy in September 2007 as a start-up in their basement, thanks in part to a loan from Citizens Bank as well as customers and investors who trusted the Guptas' demonstrated business success.
"The Guptas' gift may do more to fight cancer than even they can possibly imagine," said Dr.
The study focuses on those gold coins that show the Gupta king with a banner carrying a miniature image of the mythic eagle Garuda, the supreme symbol of his power.
TWO DAYS after he and his younger sister Karishi were kidnapped and rescued, eightyear- old Arush Gupta is too scared to go even to school.