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(ˈgʊər yəf)

a port in W Kazakhstan, at the mouth of the Ural River on the Caspian Sea. 146,900.
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Furniture and equipment were purchased at the expense of the Guryev central regional hospital's own funds, in whose jurisdiction the new FAP is located.
Andrei Guryev, chief executive of Russian fertilizer giant Phosagro, said Trump had spoken "how big businesspeople should be speaking at important road shows of their own companies.
A former chairman of the Russian fertilizer producer PhosAgro that a case against the company's current vice-chairman Andrey Guryev and others, at a Cypriot court, has not been dropped.
Limassol District Court postponed the hearing on Monday to consider the serving of an indictment on Russian lawyer Evgeniy Mariashin (a shareholder and legal adviser to fertiliser giant PhosAgro and billionaire shareholder Andrei Guryev, left ) after he didn't show up.
Petersburg Yivigmi Giri Guryev and Saudi ambassador to Russia Abdulrahman bin Ibrahim Al-Rassi.
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We've already had a number of joint successful projects of such kind," said PhosAgro's Guryev.
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Elena Vavilova (Tracey Lee Foley) Andrey Bezrukov (Donald Heathfield) Vladimir Guryev (Richard Murphy) Lydia Guryev (Cynthia Murphy) Anna Kushchenko (alias Anna Chapman) Mikhail Kutsik (Michael Zottoli) Natalia Pereverzeva (Patricia Mills) Mikhail Semenko (did not use alias) Vicky Pelaez (used her real name) Mikhail Anatonoljevich (Juan Lazaro)
FBI officials said the arrests of Murphy and nine other Russian spies came after they learned that Murphy, whose real name was Vladimir Guryev, was planning to return to his real homeland for good.