Gustaf VI Adolf

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Gustaf VI Ad·olf

(äd′ôlf) also Gustav VI Adolf 1882-1973.
King of Sweden (1950-1973). The last Swedish monarch with real political power, he was also an authority on archaeology and botany.
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Bertil's father, King Gustaf VI Adolf, ordered him to abstain from marrying Lilian, since that would jeopardise the survival of the Bernadotte dynasty.
King Gustaf VI Adolf, the king's grandfather, refused to give his blessing to a marriage between the prince and the commoner, forcing Lilian to stay in the shadows though the couple did live together.
Prince Bertil was the third son of King Gustaf VI Adolf and Crown Princess Margaret of Connaught.
Ingrid Victoria Sofia Louise Margaretha was born on March 28, 1910, in Stockholm - the only daughter of Sweden's King Gustaf VI Adolf, a great-granddaughter of England's Queen Victoria and an aunt of Sweden's current King Carl Gustaf.