Giemsa stain

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Giem·sa stain

n. coloración de Giemsa, usada en frotis de sangre en análisis microscópicos.
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Rather, it is Giemsa, named after Gustav Giemsa, who was the head of the Department of Chemistry at the Institute of Maritime and Tropical Diseases in Hamburg, Germany.
However, it was Gustav Giemsa (1867-1948), pharmacist, chemist, and bacteriologist, who identified the dye as basic azure B, found a way to better control the oxidation of the dye, and combined it with the eosin in a methanol-glycerol mixture that created a stable solution with reproducible results.
Dimitri Romanowsky, Louis Jenner, Gustav Giemsa, and James Wright subsequently developed modifications of the Ehrlich methods for staining blood films.