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(ˈdɔːreɪ; -riː)
(Animals) another name for walleye5, walleye6
[C18: from French, gilded; see dory]


(French dɔre)
(Biography) (Paul) Gustave (ɡystav). 1832–83, French illustrator, whose style tended towards the grotesque. He illustrated the Bible, Dante's Inferno, Cervantes' Don Quixote, and works by Rabelais



(Paul) Gustave, 1832?–83, French painter and illustrator.
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Illustrations by Gustave Dore (New York: Barnes & Noble, 2003, 342 pp.
For visuals, they looked at prints by Gustave Dore, Auguste Rodin's Gates of Hell, and animated works found on YouTube.
Recuerdo todavia la de La Fontaine ilustrada por Gustave Dore, y eso me llevo a la brevedad y, sobre todo, a tomar elementos caracteristicos de la fabula.
Gustave Dore, born in Strasbourg, France, in 1832, was one of the most prodigious artists of the 19th century.
A 19th century bible illustrated by French artist Gustave Dore, traditional Finnish farming tools, 1950s Playboy magazines.
Pero un buen numero de ellos esta alli, sin duda, para asistir a la gran exposicion de la obra de Gustave Dore, el extraordinario artista frances nacido en Estrasburgo el 6 de enero de 1832, cuya obra ha marcado de manera definitiva la imaginacion de una inmensa parte del mundo occidental.
Contract notice: mission prime contractor for restructuring, expansion and implementation of school safety group gustave dore in strasbourg.
Beautifully-illustrated by men such as Gustave Dore, Walter Crane, William Morris, Burne-Jones, Arthur Rackham and many more, they were in many cases exquisite things.
illustrated by the French artist Gustave Dore, a book that historians
MANY READERS WILL IMMEDIATELY recognize the well-known Gustave Dore image of Dorotea on the cover of this issue.
Twenty years later, the French artist Gustave Dore illustrated Pierre-Jean de Beranger's "La Legende du Juij'Errant"-- images that Brichetto calls the "definitive representation of the anti-Jewish Wandering Jew.