Gutter snipe

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a neglected boy running at large; a street Arab.

See also: Gutter

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THE brother of a journalist killed by a one-punch attack yesterday branded his killer a "gutter snipe".
[Westbrook Pegler, a gutter snipe, is a gentleman beside you.
It had a stippled front and backstrap and featured Gutter Snipe night sights.
Other aftermarket sight options from the NAA Custom Shop include Novak, Ashley, IWI, HiViz and the Gutter Snipe Sighting System.
"The last words I heard from the Congress about me was when Salman Khurshid called us gutter snipes and when Sonia Gandhi said we are like monsoon insects.
I TOO am appalled by the damage done to the new facilities at Billesley Common by these moronic gutter snipes (Mail, August 11) but I am also enraged by the lack of effort to catch them.