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Noun1.guttural consonant - a consonant articulated in the back of the mouth or throat
consonant - a speech sound that is not a vowel
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"Me come back!" he exclaimed in gutteral English, using about half of his foreign vocabulary.
The sobriquet of La Carconte had been bestowed on Madeleine Radelle from the fact that she had been born in a village, so called, situated between Salon and Lambesc; and as a custom existed among the inhabitants of that part of France where Caderousse lived of styling every person by some particular and distinctive appellation, her husband had bestowed on her the name of La Carconte in place of her sweet and euphonious name of Madeleine, which, in all probability, his rude gutteral language would not have enabled him to pronounce.
"Sadly, our horse suffered Gutteral Pouch Mycosis resulting in the unavoidable and unpredictable accident.
the bright ignominy of abstraction, the gutteral frankness of revolt--
Their chieftain, or leader, muttered in a disguised and gutteral tone of voice, that they would take anything we chose to give them.
Unbelieveably, the bull attempted to stand and fight as I rechambered and continued firing and loading five more times until he bellowed a deep, gutteral death groan.
This pale 4.7% abv brew is what the brewery calls a "feierabendbier," a German term that translates as "celebration after" or "afterwork beer." The gutteral name hints at what's to come--a clean, light Germanic beer made with Pilsen malt, German noble hops and fermented with a lager yeast.
The band holds a unique vocal approach and is refreshing to hear when most of the genre remains low and gutteral. It don't hurt to throw in some new talent in the band, either, to stoke the fire.
The Spitfire's gutteral, trademark engine roar, coupled with the iconic sight of it manouevring between the clouds above the heads of those waiting below with bated breath, was a momentous milestone in aviation, and Great Britain's history.
He has a powerful singing voice, presence, warmth, spectacular timing, along with the ability to pronounce the gutteral "ch" sound, and the other phrases so important to the authenticity of this characterization.