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(French ɡɥijɛn)
(Placename) a variant spelling of Guienne


or Guy•enne


a former province in SW France.
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I protest to you that 'twas not I who wrote the matter to Monseigneur do Guyenne, but Monsieur le Cardinal Balue.
His successor, the Reverend Jacques Laborie, was originally from Cardaillac, Guyenne, France, then later lived in Zurich, Geneva, London and Boston before coming to New Oxford in 1699.
Ayesha Khan, Professor & Chairperson, Department of Guyenne & Obstetrics.
Catherine de' Medici's pacification tour in Guyenne in 1579-1580 demonstrates continuing efforts to promote interconfessional compromise and concord (185-192).
Buchanan had worked extensively on Greek tragedy, translating Euripides' Medea and Alcestis at the College de Guyenne in Bordeaux during the 1540s, and Ascham had singled out Buchanan's Latin biblical play Iephthe as one of the few contemporary tragedies "able to abyde the trew touch of Aristotles preceptes, and Euripides examples" (Scholemaster, sig.
By contrast, Kevin Gould's Catholic Activism in South-West France deals less with rhetoric than with deeds and examines the formation of militantly anti-Protestant alliances in the major cities of Guyenne and Languedoc before and during the first religious wars.
Section 3 approaches politics from a regional and local viewpoint: the vulnerability of Guyenne during the Wars of Religion (Anne-Marie Cocula) into which Montaigne established his retirement-non-retirement (John O'Brien), in which Montaigne was called (according to the analysis of Jean Balsamo) to consistently act as mediator between the royal houses of France and Navarre.
12) Philippe Loupes, Chapitres et chanoines de Guyenne aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siecles (Paris: EHESS, 1985), 344.
net; Guyenne et Gascogne contact: Marc Leguillette, Tel: +33-5-59-44-55-00, Fax: +33-5-59-44-55-77, marc.
Contract notice: Works of archaeological excavations on the town sauveterre de guyenne.
NORTHERN MINING Explorations Ltd (Explorations MINIERES DU NORD Ltee) is pleased to announce the beginning of exploration work on its Guyenne Township property in the north-west of Quebec.