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(French ɡɥijɛn)
(Placename) a variant spelling of Guienne


or Guy•enne


a former province in SW France.
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I protest to you that 'twas not I who wrote the matter to Monseigneur do Guyenne, but Monsieur le Cardinal Balue.
Desgraves, "Repertoire des editions imprimees des oeuvres d'Ausone (1472-1785)", in Ausone, humaniste aquitain, Bordeaux, Societe des bibliophiles de Guyenne, 1986, pp.
His successor, the Reverend Jacques Laborie, was originally from Cardaillac, Guyenne, France, then later lived in Zurich, Geneva, London and Boston before coming to New Oxford in 1699.
Ayesha Khan, Professor & Chairperson, Department of Guyenne & Obstetrics.
10 May 2012 - French antitrust regulator Autorite des marches financiers (AMF) said on Thursday it had unconditionally cleared retail giant Carrefour SAa[euro](tm)s (EPA:CA) cash-and-stock deal to buy Guyenne et Gascogne (EPA:GG), one of its franchesees in southwestern France, after its review revealed no competition worries.
When he turned to drama, while at the College de Guyenne, it was at first as a requirement that each teacher produce a Latin translation of a Greek drama for student performance.
To shore up its position in southwestern France, the company has made a takeover bid for its franchisee and long-term partner Guyenne et Gascogne SA.
Dodd ("The Rise of English," 127) gave examples, including a petition of 1427 (SC 8/125/6244), in which "marchauntes, possessours, maystres and marryners of pis Rewme of Ingelonde" trading with Guyenne lobbied to have "a conuement [knowledgeable] and discrete man" appointed to the office of constable of Bordeaux.
Assim, os representantes da nobreza de Paris pedem 'que a educacao publica seja aperfeicoada e estendida a todas as classes de cidadaos'; os da Guyenne, 'que se organize plano de educacao publica cujos principios sejam analogos a constituicao nacional e se suplique a Sua Majestade nomeie-se, para isso, um 'comite'; e os de Blos, 'que se estabeleca conselho composto de homens de letras mais ilustrados da capital e das provincias, e de cidadaos de diversas ordens, a fim de organizar um plano de educacao nacional para uso de todas as classes da sociedade e a fim de redigir tratados elementares' (LUZURIAGA, 1959, p.
Catherine de' Medici's pacification tour in Guyenne in 1579-1580 demonstrates continuing efforts to promote interconfessional compromise and concord (185-192).
The transplanted French flower will not only thrive in Guyenne, but will do so for the benefit of all of France: " .