n.1.(Her.) A roundlet of tincture sanguine, which is blazoned without mention of the tincture.
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Step back in time with lunch at Guze, a delightful restaurant set within one of Valletta's oldest houses.
Although the meaning of these terms varied from department to department, biologically oriented programs--influenced by Eli Robins and Samuel Guze and DSM-III--were focused on descriptive psychiatry: reliable, observable, and symptom-based elements of psychiatric illness.
Guze and Harley found funguria in only 15 of 1500 patients; more than half of these 15 patients had diabetes mellitus and were receiving antibiotics.
Centre for English Language Proficiency, Room 112, Guze Cassar Pullicino Building, University of Malta, Msida, MSD2080, Malta; e-mail: daniel.
Investigadores como Baxter, Schwartz, Bergman, Szuba, Guze, Mazziotta, Munford y Phelps (1992, en Mustaca, A.
In view of the need to define this category more precisely, the current study aimed to delineate socio-demographics (an antecedent diagnostic validator as per schema of Robin and Guze (8)) and clinical variables associated with the onset of ATPD, and how these affect the outcome (a predictive diagnostic validator) of the same.
Following the decline of psychoanalysis, the emergence of biological psychiatry and the "psychopharmacological revolution," two pioneers, Eli Robins and Samuel Guze, armed with outstanding clinical skills, astute minds and Anglo-Saxon philosophical positivism, started describing and cataloguing clinical syndromes at their headquarters in Washington University and Barnes Hospital in St Luis.
Guze Professor and head of the Department of Psychiatry, showed that the low dopamine levels disrupts the ability of nerve cells in the hippocampus to modulate the way they communicate with each other.