chamber pot

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chamber pot

A portable vessel used in a bedroom as a toilet.

chamber pot

1. a vessel for urine, used in bedrooms

cham′ber pot`

a portable container for urine and defecation, used in bedrooms.

Chamber pot

A pail with a capacity of about two gallons, and a tight-fitting lid. The pot was kept in the bedroom at night and used to minimize the necessity of going to the outhouse.
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It was also a period when families used a guzunder.
Well, actually there is - a pot the s i z e o f a guzunder with a rhododendron screaming to get out.
For guzunder is the Brummie word for a chamber pot which everyone kept under the bed when it was far too cold to make a dash for the outside loo.
"The word guzunder derived from the fact that people kept their pots under the bed, so it became a Brummie-ism 'goes under' the bed."
GUZUNDERS - are they wild animals or exotic vegetables?
Her theme being "Guzunders to Privies, An Amusing View of Sewage Disposal Over the Centuries and she said chamber pots were followed by earth closets and eventually water closets.