chamber pot

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chamber pot

A portable vessel used in a bedroom as a toilet.

chamber pot

1. a vessel for urine, used in bedrooms

cham′ber pot`

a portable container for urine and defecation, used in bedrooms.

Chamber pot

A pail with a capacity of about two gallons, and a tight-fitting lid. The pot was kept in the bedroom at night and used to minimize the necessity of going to the outhouse.
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It was also a period when families used a guzunder.
Well, actually there is - a pot the s i z e o f a guzunder with a rhododendron screaming to get out.
For guzunder is the Brummie word for a chamber pot which everyone kept under the bed when it was far too cold to make a dash for the outside loo.
The word guzunder derived from the fact that people kept their pots under the bed, so it became a Brummie-ism 'goes under' the bed.
GUZUNDERS - are they wild animals or exotic vegetables?