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n.1.(Naut.) See Jib.
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He urged the people of Kogi State to remain steadfast in supporting the GYB administration, assuring that they will never be disappointed.
quite beyond the wildest hopes of any shepherd living in the workaday world'--complements the imaginary sheep at the heart of the quarrel between the Gyb and John Horne.
parasiticus was tested in GYB. Cells were harvested from 24 h culture medium by the centrifugation and the pellets were suspended in distilled water to reach the concentration of [10.sup.7], [10.sup.8] and [10.sup.9] cfu/ml.
The first of these is the shepherd/priest's loss of his flock, a loss suffered and lamented in the play by Gyb. On the metaphoric level, such a result suggests the effect of faulty pastoral care as well as the abandonment of tangible flocks for intangible ones, an abandonment like the one Chaucer identifies when distinguishing the Persoun from those in the General Prologue who would run "to Londoun unto Seinte Poules / To seken ...
'If it raids,' said the twin with the scar ' we go id the gyb,' they finished together.
It is, after all, a predatory act which occasions the poem: Phyllyp falls prey to Gyb the cat, just as the fleas on Jane's skin fall prey to him, and just as the female birds fall prey, in a sexual sense, to the male birds in the poem.
'I also want to assure the governor that the Okun nation will overwhelmingly support GYB during the election'.
The minister said he consulted the Revenues Administration (GyB) of the Ministry of Finance before making his decision.
In the 16th century gib became 'a term of reproach, especially for an old woman' (e.g., a1529 "She is a tonnish gyb").
Foretelling such key elements as the stealing of the sheep, the abrasive personality of Mak's wife, and the comic blending of the pious and the parodic, Gyb's remarks constitute an important point of entry for understanding the pageant.